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Sheba Consulting is a Hackensack, New Jersey based leading provider of fractional leadership and support services. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans with over three decades of experience, it specializes in scaling small to medium businesses across industries, establishing US operations for non-US startups, developing business and go-to-market strategies, providing technology leadership for engineering teams, and implementing operational processes and efficiency boosting practices.

With its flexible fractional model, Sheba augments its customers with highly experienced executives at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time comparable talent.

Accelerate Success and Drive Results

Many companies struggle to strategically scale their business because they don't have effective systems, processes, and teams in place. They don't need a full-time executive yet but need access to senior-level leadership and support to move to the next level.

At Sheba Consulting, we guide clients through a strategic, outcome-driven process and implement solutions every step of the way to promote efficiency and accelerate growth.

Who We Work With

Since 2009, we’ve enabled companies across industries to grow, launch an MVP, or course-correct to move beyond their current stage.


Getting a Start-Up to its full potential is challenging. Big decisions are being made off the side of your desk, using bandwidth that you can’t really spare. Having an expert who has “been there before” can help newer companies get the leadership or infrastructure they need, and delay expensive executive hiring until they reach a larger scale.



Growth is great, but it can expose issues in processes, systems, and teams that prevent founders from having the time and space to visualize the company’s direction. Working with an experienced fractional leader can create a strategic foundation for building a strong, efficient and cohesive organization.


Turn Around

Turnarounds are no longer exceptional cases but an all-too-familiar part of business life. In a turnaround, the CEO needs information fast to make the best decisions. Sheba Consulting can help set and monitor KPIs, manage employee retention and engagement, and implement technology to remove bottlenecks and resource gaps.
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I can't recommend Sheba Consulting highly enough. We've been working together for 5+ years and feel incredibly lucky to have Ronen as CTO on our team. Our business would not be where it is today without his dedication, thoughtfulness, and innovation.
Rachel Silver | Founder and CEO
Love Stories TV, Inc.
Rachel Silver
Founder and CEO
Love Stories TV, Inc.
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Adi and her team helped us navigate a time of significant growth, managing an organizational change, creating and implementing processes to reduce risk as well as increase visibility and accountability in the team. They created and managed our recruiting process and functions, implemented HR structure and systems, initiated and completed several performance review cycles that helped keep our team members motivated and engaged at a time of great market instability. The Sheba team provided leadership and experience that helped us scale, gain efficiency, and increase productivity.
Daniella Koren | Co-Founder, Chairwoman
Daniella Koren
Co-Founder, Chairwoman
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Penguin Strategies has a remote team in the US as well as its HQ in Israel. For this reason, it is important for us to have an experienced company to manage all of our US operational requirements, such as payroll, taxation, corporate governance, etc. We have found this at Sheba Consulting, with whom we have been working for 3 years now. Adi's team is competent, friendly, and professional, allowing our remote team to get their queries resolved in a timely and efficient manner. We see Sheba Consulting as an extension of our own team and look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Perry Nalevka | CEO
Penguin Strategies
Perry Nalevka
Penguin Strategies
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I have been using the Sheba Consulting team for the past two years. They take the time to really understand your company, your needs, and help to methodically find the right fit to your organization. They are cognizant of the company culture, the company’s true needs, and the vision of the company before finding the right fit. We have been extremely happy with their services and I have personally referred several people to use them.
Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh | Founder & CEO
Advanced Foot Care
Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh
Founder & CEO
Advanced Foot Care
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I cannot recommend Sheba Consulting and Adi Vaxman enough. As the COO of Moss Digital Publishing, Adi has been an integral part of our company's success. She handles multiple areas, including accounting, HR, processes, and contracts, and has helped us to grow even further.

Before working with Sheba Consulting, we were experiencing challenges with tracking everything and doing things the right way. Adi analyzed our situation, pointed out where we were doing some things wrong, and got on the job right away, fixing things and adjusting our processes to make them effective and safe.

Adi's impact on our business has been tremendous. She helped us reorganize the company, set up roles, and even managed the hiring process. She also put contracts in place to make sure we handle work relationships in an efficient and effective way.

Adi is always available and responsive, and her knowledge and experience enable her to identify problems and solve them before we even notice them.

I would absolutely recommend Sheba Consulting and Adi Vaxman to any business owner who needs help with managing a business. As entrepreneurs, we know our field of expertise well, but managing a successful business requires a different kind of expertise - the kind that Adi Vaxman brings to the table.

Sheba's fractional COO option allows small businesses to benefit from a first-class COO before they can afford to hire one full-time. Thank you, Sheba Consulting and Adi, for all that you have done for us!
Anne Moss | Founder & Managing Director
Moss Digital Publishing
Anne Moss
Founder & Managing Director
Moss Digital Publishing
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Solid HR and Operations management is something that all your employees deserve. For years, I attempted to deliver this as a side job while wearing many other hats. I tried hiring help but it did not really lower my workload or improve the quality of our management. Then came Adi Vaxman and Sheba Consulting. Immediately I could tell they could be trusted and within a few months, they had completely taken over these roles from top to bottom, freeing me up and delivering much better HR and Operations management than I ever could. Adi has also become a trusted partner I can brainstorm all sorts of ideas with which is incredibly valuable.
Franck De Girolami | Founder & Owner
Code Particle
Franck De Girolami
Founder & Owner
Code Particle

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