Optimize your human resources
to meet your business goals

Growing companies feel the impact
of people problems in a big way

At Sheba Consulting, our Fractional CHRO/CPOs optimize systems and processes, and
support employee talent management to meet your strategic goals.

Right plan. Right people. Right processes.

Hiring a fractional HR Leader to establish HR Management systems for recruitment, retention, compliance and risk management allows you to focus on the vision.
 Know your numbers
Know your numbers
Define and monitor metrics and KPIs to manage by numbers while nurturing the human aspect to ensure satisfaction and retention of talented team members.
Develop sustainable long-term strategies to create amazing teams of motivated, accountable employees and a balanced but rich company culture.
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Solid HR and Operations management is something that all your employees deserve. For years, I attempted to deliver this as a side job while wearing many other hats. I tried hiring help but it did not really lower my workload or improve the quality of our management. Then came Adi Vaxman and Sheba Consulting. Immediately I could tell they could be trusted and within a few months, they had completely taken over these roles from top to bottom, freeing me up and delivering much better HR and Operations management than I ever could. Adi has also become a trusted partner I can brainstorm all sorts of ideas with which is incredibly valuable.
Franck D. | Founder & Owner
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Areas Of Expertise

People Operations / Human Resources
We can manage the complex risk and compliance aspects of HR, and take a human-centric approach to managing people and cultures. Our fractional HR leaders can help with:
  • Compensation and benefits strategies
  • PEO implementation and strategic management
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategy
  • Employment policies, compliance, and risk management
  • Performance tracking, management, and reviews strategy
  • Benchmark studies
  • Compensation analysis
  • Employee incentive strategy
Building Incredible Teams
We’ll analyze your business to identify talent gaps, then create and manage the people strategy to establish a culture of collaboration and operational excellence that drives growth. Our fractional HR leaders can help with:
  • Designing organizational growth plans with clear role definitions and job descriptions
  • Strategizing key hiring needs, identifying the best candidates, culturally and professionally, from junior to C-Level hires
  • Researching and implementing competitive compensation strategy
  • Creating and implementing employee onboarding & offboarding strategy and processes
  • Training, mentoring and/or leading HR team members

It all starts with a phone call

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We'll take the time to understand your unique needs, then determine the best next steps.
We’ll meet with your team, collect data, and analyze it to understand the current state of affairs.
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Our strategic outcome-driven approach means you get a clear plan and implementation at every stage.
Accelerate success and drive results
Strategically scale your business with a people-first approach to operations, systems, processes, and team.

Other Fractional Services

Operations & Finance
Our Fractional COO Services help create a strategic foundation by implementing processes, systems and solutions that save time and reduce costs.
Our Fractional CTO Services help build scalable technology, provide development team oversight, keep the business and tech goals aligned, while reducing risk and elevating quality and predictability.
Operations, Back-office
and HR Support
Our Support Services team performs day-to-day tasks under the guidance of our executive leadership, for a cost-effective and efficient division of responsibility.