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Facilitating Growth in a Shifting Landscape
Facilitating Growth in a Shifting Landscape
In today's media landscape, publishers monetizing web traffic and digital content products face unique challenges. The shift to AI writing tools and the need to diversify traffic sources create a constant need for adaptation. As the digital world evolves at a rapid pace, publishers must be agile and adaptable to succeed. A strong, metrics-based infrastructure is critical for enabling the shifting and pivoting required to grow amidst all this change.
A strong foundation for success
A strong foundation for success
As traditional content monetization strategies become less effective, publishers must find new ways to generate and grow revenue. This requires investing in technology, processes, and teams that can help them stay ahead of the curve. A strong, metrics-based infrastructure enables publishers to focus on creating high-quality content and products that drive traffic and increase revenue.

Achieve stability and growth with expert support

With over 50 cumulative years of Operations, HR and Back-office support experience, the experts at Sheba Consulting have guided Medical Practice Groups through a strategic, outcome-driven process to build systems and teams that accelerate growth efficiently.
Let our fractional leaders help you:
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing processes, systems, and teams to identify areas for improvement
  • Implement advanced analytics and reporting tools to track key metrics and refine strategy over time
  • Build a strong organizational culture focused on innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction
  • Screen, onboard, train and manage internal, outsourced, offshore, or local teams
  • Provide guidance on reducing risk and complying with applicable laws and regulations
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    I cannot recommend Sheba Consulting and Adi Vaxman enough. As the COO, Adi has been an integral part of our company's success. She handles multiple areas, including accounting, HR, processes, and contracts, and has helped us to grow even further.

    Before working with Sheba Consulting, we were experiencing challenges with tracking everything and doing things the right way. Adi analyzed our situation, pointed out where we were doing some things wrong, and got on the job right away, fixing things and adjusting our processes to make them effective and safe.

    Adi's impact on our business has been tremendous. She helped us reorganize the company, set up roles, and even managed the hiring process. She also put contracts in place to make sure we handle work relationships in an efficient and effective way.

    Adi is always available and responsive, and her knowledge and experience enable her to identify problems and solve them before we even notice them.

    I would absolutely recommend Sheba Consulting and Adi Vaxman to any business owner who needs help with managing a business. As entrepreneurs, we know our field of expertise well, but managing a successful business requires a different kind of expertise - the kind that Adi Vaxman brings to the table.

    Sheba's fractional COO option allows small businesses to benefit from a first-class COO before they can afford to hire one full-time. Thank you, Sheba Consulting and Adi, for all that you have done for us!
    Anne M.
    Anne M.

    Our fractional services bridge the gap & take your business to the next level

    Operations & Finance
    Our Fractional COO Services help create a strategic foundation by implementing processes, systems and solutions that save time and reduce costs.
    Our Fractional CTO Services help build scalable technology, provide development team oversight, keep the business and tech goals aligned, while reducing risk and elevating quality and predictability.
    HR/People Operations
    Our Fractional CHRO/CPO Services provide strategic HR leadership that streamines talent acquisition and increases retention and engagement for a balanced company culture.
    Operations, Back-office
    and HR Support
    Our Support Services team performs day-to-day tasks under the guidance of our executive leadership, for a cost-effective and efficient division of responsibility.

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