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Starting Out
Starting Out
Perhaps you’re a non-technical founder who hired an offshore software development team to transform your ground-breaking idea into a launched product. An MVP was developed and delivered quickly, but now you realize the architecture chosen by offshore team fails when it comes to scale, maintainability, UX, and SEO. Offshore dev teams are a great way to get started without breaking the bank but whose business goals are really being prioritized? Yours or theirs? Often times, the architecture chosen by outsourced dev companies is designed to allow them to finish a project fast, but not necessarily well. Our experience in being the go-between will tip the scale in your favor and ensure things are done right from day one.
Your MVP was a success and business is starting to pick up. Now it's time to scale and grow, but as that happens you're increasingly experience symptoms such as chronically late release cycles, increased costs, recurring issues, increasing technical support tickets, quality regression, customer dissatisfaction, churn and a loss of revenue. Will your rapidly built MVP scale or will you have to scrape and go back to square one? You'd be surprised how frequent the latter scenario is. Our experience will let you get it right from day one without increasing costs or sacrificing speed, and can also salvage your non-scaling MVP as well as your engineering team's effectiveness and focus.
Day-To-Day Operations
Day-To-Day Operations
Is your engineering team under growing pressure to deliver more, better and faster? Onboarding, training, managing and retaining engineers while keeping engineering departments running optimally and in sync with company roadmap, goals and timelines is no trivial task. Problems with development methodologies, communications, and tooling can cost you delays and customer churn. Our experience can help you build an effective engineering workforce, perfectly synchronized with your product, roadmap and sales stakeholders for a predictable delivery your customers can build on.
Exit & Acquisition
Exit & Acquisition
Now you are preparing your business to be acquired and wish to identify and resolve tech issues that could negatively impact the deal. Or perhaps you're a VC trying to objectively assess an organization before acquisition or investment. We can evaluate the assets, people, processes, technologies as well as the competitive tech landscape to identify gaps, limitations, potential issues, or execution risks. What will a thorough due-diligence probing your technology reveal? Our expertise will discover and resolve issues so you can put your best foot forward.

Tap into our technical leadership

With 30 years of software engineering experience and concept-to-launch excellence, the experts at Sheba Consulting have guided Software & Technology companies through a strategic, outcome-driven process.
Let our fractional leaders help you:
  • Create a technical strategy, project roadmap, and architecture aligned with the business plan
  • Improve communication between engineering, product and sales teams
  • Screen, onboard, train and manage the day-to-day operations of offshore or local development teams
  • Cultivate a thriving engineering culture and retain the development workforce to minimize churn
  • Streamline systems and processes and reduce technology operating costs
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    I can't recommend Sheba Consulting highly enough. We've been working together for 5+ years and feel incredibly lucky to have Ronen as CTO on our team. Our business would not be where it is today without his dedication, thoughtfulness, and innovation.
    Rachel Silver | Founder and CEO
    Love Stories TV, Inc.
    Rachel Silver
    Founder and CEO
    Love Stories TV, Inc.

    Our fractional services bridge the gap & take your business to the next level

    Operations & Finance
    Our Fractional COO Services help create a strategic foundation by implementing processes, systems and solutions that save time and reduce costs.
    Our Fractional CTO Services help build scalable technology, provide development team oversight, keep the business and tech goals aligned, while reducing risk and elevating quality and predictability.
    HR/People Operations
    Our Fractional CHRO/CPO Services provide strategic HR leadership that streamines talent acquisition and increases retention and engagement for a balanced company culture.
    Operations, Back-office
    and HR Support
    Our Support Services team performs day-to-day tasks under the guidance of our executive leadership, for a cost-effective and efficient division of responsibility.

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